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  • 2009.2: is created for release management and for soucre code hosting.


FreeMind-MMX is a hacked version of FreeMind for better native characters handle and works better with version control system, such as cvs, subversion, hg, git, bazaar, ...

Source code

  • In 2010, FreeMind-MMX migrated to Git, and the patches are managed using Topgit.

    At that time, I do not release the repository. It is because the repository is too big to push onto Github.

  • While in 2011, FreeMind upstream repository migrated from CVS to Git, and I can share the patches again using a different and smart way.

    Inspired by Android Repo, FreeMind-MMX topgit controlled repository split into 3 repositories:

    • FreeMind Official Repository: git://

      Notes: there is not '.git' suffix in the URL, If add a '.git' suffix, clone failed.


Downlaod FreeMind-MMX from SourceForge:

If you want the newest version, compile yourself as the following.

Compile from Source

You need Android Repo, but a hacked version!

It is because FreeMind Official Repository URL does not ending with '.git' suffix, but repo will add the suffix automatically. So a hacked repo is needed.

  • Install hacked repo first:
        $ mkdir workspace
        $ cd workspace
        $ sudo curl -L -k \
            > /usr/local/bin/repo
        $ sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/repo 
  • Repo init from FreeMind Manifest repository.
        $ repo init -u git://
  • Repo Sync.

    The FreeMind Official repository is big, so this step is a bit slower.

        $ repo sync
  • After repo sync, there is a script named ''. Run it.
        $ sh
  • Built packages are under post directory.
        $ ls post/
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